quarta-feira, 6 de abril de 2011

The music

Q: Why do you like this song?
A: i like this song because it's from my favourite band and the lyric is really cute.

Q: Where does this song come from?
A: it's from usa.

Q: Describe about the singer or group. (nacionality, age, job, free time activities and personality)
A: well, they're the jonas brothers and they're from usa. they're 23 (kevin), 21 (joe) and 18 (nick). well, they have a band so i guess this's their job haha. in free time i guess they like to play baseball and bowling. they're very funny and they have really good songs.

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  1. Hello Julia
    How have you been ?
    Your blog is perfect, please, write in my blog too, ok.
    see you

  2. Hello, my dear.
    Nao esqueça de comentar no meu blog uma mensagem de pascoa em ingles, vale ponto, ok.
    Have a nice holiday with lots of chocolate!!!!!